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Hello, I'm Kim, owner of Our Texture Hair. I started my natural hair journey when I was 13. At that time (late 90s) natural hair was not as popular as it is today. I struggled to embrace my kinky crown. While everyone else was able to achieve silk wraps my hair just didn't cooperate. Let's just say humidity isn't my friend, neither is sweat or sleep for that matter.  I constantly struggled to straighten my hair. This was all I knew.


When I started college I began to embrace my natural hair more. Mainly due to the lack of available salons that catered to black women hair. Not having access to a proper stylist truly taught me the patience I needed to embrace and maintain my natural hair. 


Why I Started Our Texture Hair

As a weave wearing natural, I was stuck in the cycle of wearing straight hair that oftentimes didn't truly reflect me. I wasn't truly happy with wearing silky straight weaves. To be honest, I got sick and tired of wearing extensions that looked so common. I was finally ready to rock my unique kinky coily hair.

I still believe that extensions are a great way to protect your natural hair, hence Our Texture Hair was born. Quality hair that looks and feels real! I still wanted to achieve length and fullness, but I wanted to incorporate a more natural-looking weave.  I studied curl patterns and textures, to create a line of extensions specifically for black women with 3a-4c hair type.

HairStory: My Journey

During my last year of school, I chose to focus my senior thesis on my deep rooted issues with natural hair. As an artist, I wanted to illustrate the different stages and transitions that I went through with my hair. It was then, I realized the bigger issues surrounding natural hair. 

Our Texture Hair: Kinkxeze

Our Texture Hair KINKXEZE line “kinks with ease” was designed to blend seamlessly with Kinky + Coily + Curly hair (3B-4C hair types). Quality is key. Created to resemble the look and feel of your natural hair, our extensions are made of 100% human hair and will revert back to its original state after styling. 

We appreciate you choosing to enhance your hair with Our Texture. We are passionate about our company and our KINKEZE line, not solely for ourselves, but because we are passionate about assisting you as you embrace your natural hair. 

Are you rockin' Our Texture?

Kimberly Gaston

Owner, OTH

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