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Sew-ins VS Wigs

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

If you wear sew-ins then you may want to give wigs a try. Here are our top 3 reasons why we recommend the switch.

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1. Wigs are a great transition

2. Great protective style

3. Versatile options, full lace, closure, half wigs

Oth lace wigs offer a quick alternative to full sewins. I’ve gotten sewins for years as a protective style. While wearing my hair often grows.

Benefits of Lace Wigs

  • Less bulky than a sewin and not heavy at all

  • Less time in the salon, you can even install yourself in less than 15 minutes (see tutorial)

  • Last longer than sewins (our lace wigs last for at least a year)

  • Can be styled with heat, rollers or dyed

  • Undetectable lace offers a natural look with our pre-plucked hairline and Swiss lace you’ll feel like yourself

  • Easy maintenance (upkeep is easy)

  • Can be taken off nightly for flexible sleeping

  • Always have your hair done (at the drop of a dime your hair can be photo-ready in minutes)

  • Easy takedown if you get it sewin

I’ve always preferred a more natural-looking extension. I too walked around with the top of my hair not blended or even forcing textures to match all while causing heat damage.

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